The Worst Campfire Song: Part 2


banjo or ukelele accompaniment recommended, but optional

If I were a haberdasher
I would dash habers
and those habers would be dashed

If I were a haberdasher dasher
I would dash haberdashers
and those haberdashers would be be dashed

[repeat until bored, adding 1 “dasher” where appropriate with each repetition]


I greatly dislike this post


I need to write something and so I’m writing something, but I haven’t slept well recently and my brain is lacking in things to write about other than that and that is a boring thing that I don’t want to write about, but here I am doing that and this sentence is getting long so I will end it. Excuses are bad and this post is one of them, which is why I dislike this post.

The Worst Introduction


As you may have noticed if you are a regular reader (imaginary or otherwise), I have not been writing much lately. I write when I have good ideas, and I have not had good ideas lately (and not written them).
I have decided to use this unfortunate situation to overcome itself. I will now start writing about my worst ideas: the ideas I think of and then decide to forget. This plan is likely the worst of all my ideas and I’m sure I will regret planning it.