New story coming soon: The Legend of Shreena the Shrimp Wizard


Ideas for poems have stopped coming to me for now, so I’m starting another short (possibly longer than my usual) story. I will inevitably decide it was a bad idea and want to abandon it like I usually do when I start something so I’m telling you, possibly existent reader, before that can happen. It will be posted in small pieces here starting soon. I’m not doing this through NaNoWriMo because I don’t think it will be a novel, but that was part of what made me decide to write more.


Today’s experiment… Failed


Moving my blog to Blogspot seemed like a good idea at the time, but I think I like WordPress better. I was getting far more page views over there, but no comments from anyone. Also, the templates weren’t as good.

Therefore, I will move my new posts back here and probably stop using the other one. There are not many new posts because I’ve been busy with other things. Those other things will likely be posted about here very soon. Probably by me.

edit: I felt the need to change something, so now the theme is different.

I greatly dislike this post


I need to write something and so I’m writing something, but I haven’t slept well recently and my brain is lacking in things to write about other than that and that is a boring thing that I don’t want to write about, but here I am doing that and this sentence is getting long so I will end it. Excuses are bad and this post is one of them, which is why I dislike this post.

The Chain Letter of Doom is finished at last!

Constructive Interference

Constructive Interference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I just need to re-edit the whole thing for quality, consistancy, tone, and flavor; put the chapters in the right (or possibly wrong) order; write a new and improved ending; and turn it into an ebook that people can waste real money on! If you have been reading it in blog post form, please alert me of any mistakes that I may not have caught myself. Constructive criticism of non-technical things is also encouraged.



The Worst Introduction


As you may have noticed if you are a regular reader (imaginary or otherwise), I have not been writing much lately. I write when I have good ideas, and I have not had good ideas lately (and not written them).
I have decided to use this unfortunate situation to overcome itself. I will now start writing about my worst ideas: the ideas I think of and then decide to forget. This plan is likely the worst of all my ideas and I’m sure I will regret planning it.