I was either dreaming or very tired when I wrote this


It’s almost soon
I’m not making this up
here on this moon
where we all fall up

Rhyming up with up
just then was lazy
but it fit the facts
and this moon isn’t crazy

I have now woken up
and my memory’s hazy
I just did it again
do not sit on that daisy!


Bad Dream #4


Putting my brain a plastic bottle
sounded like a great idea for a Halloween costume.
I found instructions on the internet
and everything worked perfectly.
They didn’t say how to reverse it after though


Beans for Dinner

Beans for Dinner (Photo credit: texascooking)

Normorine had quite a few spleens

in a big box, next to various creams

He washed his pet fish (its name was Trish)

and boiled a pot of beans

Yumbleston Bleen had a terrible dream

in which Normorine had taken his spleen

When he awoke, he knew the dream misspoke

and boiled a pot of beans

Aftersocks: 2.5: In which a long nap is completed


Sleeper (Photo credit: 21limited)

When I awoke, I observed that my shoes were untied and were dusty with unrain. Unrain is not dust, but dust often accompanies it, as apparently had occurred while I slept. It must have been a very deep sleep for me not to have noticed the unrain and I cannot guess how long I was out. Long enough that I felt refreshed and ready to keep going.
I tied my shoes (I wonder how they got untied) and checked my supplies. There was nothing edible left for either me or my donkey, unless of course, I decided to eat Thrumplestance herself. I would not consider that option until it became absolutely necessary and decrouched it from my mind.
And so, we again began walking through the thick air. I followed the vague figure, who hopefully was still East of where I had started and standing still. Why he was standing still would be apparent soon.

A weird Dream from a Few months Ago that I recorded but did not post here


I am reading a magazine.

There is a story in it about a huge fat man who I think is being interviewed (possibly about hugeness).

The huge man falls apart into a mountain of baby-sized chunks.

At around this point, I am there instead of reading about it.

The chunks are baby-sized because they are babies.

The babies are crawling away from the small woman who was buried under them.

I must have woken up then.

Interpretatation: I don’t know if I want to know, but you can comment if you have any ideas.

Video - A pile of baby Elephant Seals scramble...

Video – A pile of baby Elephant Seals scramble over each other, complaining… 03 Feb 2012 Piedras Blancas (Photo credit: mikebaird)

Progress Report on Monster Hunt


I have returned from my journey in distant lands and since I’ve been back, I’ve identified the monster. With some assistance, I’ve also found how it enters my home every night.

English: The Sando aqua monster was a massive ...

Image via Wikipedia

Was it a small goat? A raccoon? A beaver? Sadly, the truth is much more boring than I expected. It seems to be a mouse or possibly mice and the hole in my wall (which was hidden behind the heating vent) is now patched up with some kind of foam. I’m told it will soon be eaten through as well, but in two weeks, the Pest Controller will stop by with better foam. This kind can also be eaten, but is more poisonous. I do not like poisoning things, but this thing is keeping me awake at night and sleep deprivation can be deadly, so the poison foam will be used for self defense.